1)  The day my sister got back from the hospital after a suicide attempt. I didnt let go for about an hour.

2) Kid just found out his brother was shot and killed.

3) A Russian war veteran kneels beside the tank he spent the war in, now a monument.

4) Man sobbing at animal shelter. After being jailed briefly and his dog Buzz Lightyear impounded he couldn’t afford the $400 to get his pet back.

5) A firefighter gives water to a koala during the devastating Black Saturday bushfires that burned across Victoria, Australia, in 2009.

6) Alcoholic father with his son

7) Robert Peraza pauses at his son’s name on the 9/11 Memorial during the tenth anniversary ceremonies at the site of the World Trade Center.

8) Greg Cook hugs his dog Coco after finding her inside his destroyed home in Alabama following the Tornado in March, 2012

9) After two double lung transplants and years of battling cystic fibrosis, my good friend passed away last Saturday. This was one of the last pics taken with his mother.

These are probably some of the most powerful pictures I’ve ever seen and some hit close to home.

Could it be Karma?

I keep having fragmented dreams about you. I wish I knew what that is supposed to mean. My dreams have been very vivid and sometimes like this morning if I dream I was physically injured I wake up physically in pain.

I wish I could fix what is broken. I am good at creating, not so much at fixing. I never thought I could miss someone so much. At least someone who does not care about me at all. It must be karma for all the hearts I broke long ago when I was once sort of pretty.

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~ Jenny

People always fall in love with the most perfect aspects of each other’s personalities. Who wouldn’t? Anybody can love the most wonderful parts of another person. But that’s not the clever trick. The really clever trick is this: Can you accept the flaws? Can you look at your partner’s faults honestly and say, ‘I can work around that. I can make something out of it.’? Because the good stuff is always going to be there, and it’s always going to pretty and sparkly, but the crap underneath can ruin you.
Elizabeth Gilbert, Committed: A Skeptic Makes Peace with Marriage (via theyoungpoet)
Your heart, its never wrong. It may get you in some deep crap but it was all what you wanted. So follow your heart, even if that means breaking the rules. I promise you will sleep much better knowing you did what made you happy than wondering ‘what if?
(via theyoungpoet)


  • Love someone like you’re six. Bring your favorite toy to school to impress her; watch her hold it in her tiny hands and swell with pride when she’s receptive. She has good taste. Watch her cautiously; you couldn’t live if she accidentally dropped it, broke it. Draw pictures of her in your…